B58 - Catching up on the Maritimes

Hey I'm back,

I'm amazed that a month has gone by, it seems like only yesterday. There's a lot that went on that I didn't or couldn't write about at the time and the last couple of months have both been interesting and an eye opening experience to say the least. I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I moved out of the "born again" bible thumpers home, but it just so happened that I was headed to the opposite end of the spectrum. So where did I end up? Well let me tell you.

This place was quiet, clean and comfortable, and the guy was very nice and sociable with me and we had some good talks although he was on the opposite side when it came to feelings and emotions. He lived with his son and I was the only other non-family person in the house. He worked at a delivery job from 8 a.m. to noon and in the afternoon, when he wasn't doing something around the house, he was sleeping as he'd go out and do other things at all hours of the evening. He and his wife owned a couple of rooming houses, so I thought that that was where he was going. What I didn't know in the beginning was that his wife, ex-wife (that he fought with tooth and nail, but couldn't live without) lived with her son and daughter (from a pervious marriage) in an apartment at a brothel where she was the manager. I later put two and two together, that he was also involved in "the" business at night as a driver and pimp. Now you can see what I meant by being at the opposite end of the righteous bible thumper as I was living in the so-called den of iniquity itself.

The guy (in his 70's) that owns the house of ill repute in MOncton, also owns one in Dartmouth NS and both had been raided several times by the police and had been shut down but they were still being operated on the QT. There was a lot of shit going on between the owner, the police, politicians, lawyers, religious organizations that was in the newspaper and on TV. There was also a lot of other shit that wasn't public knowledge that was and is scary. There was also some serious shit going on between the owner, the wife (aka manager), the girls and the guy I was renting a room from.

During the last few weeks there had been the rank smell of evil in the house. Both he and I could smell them and he asked me what it was. I told him that it was evil, that Baal and Brahma were here for him and that he was at a cross roads and that they wanted him to make the choice that suited them. The smell would drive him crazy as it followed him around. One time it would be in the middle of the kitchen then move to the front door, then the bathroom, etc to the point that he was freaking out and he even had goose bumps when he walked though their energy. A week or so before the end of July, his morning job was terminated and I then knew that this was part of the turning point in his life. His "wife" who I had some words with on a few occasions, and who didn't like me, began staying over more and more.

A few days into the month of August, the smells stopped and I noticed and felt a change in him. He had crossed over and they had gotten what they wanted so there was no point in them hanging around. I gave my notice that I was going to move out at the end of August, but things began to speed up and I felt unsafe so I moved out on Monday, August 21st.

I spend three days camping out in New Brunswick and then I began to feel unsafe with the natural environment as I felt that nature was going to be creating havoc with storms and hurricanes in the area as well as the devestation created by a Tsunami created by an earthquate in the mid-atlantic that would affect the entire East coast of North America and the north coast of South America and Europe and Africa as well. I felt that I needed to head for safe ground and that was in Ontario.


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