B23 - Learning to Touch Type "reprograming"

Hi everyone,

Well this past week I've been de-programing myself; I've been teaching myself "touch typing." While I've have 40-50 wpm with the old hunt and peck three or four finger method I decided to re-program myself. I'm not finished the course yet so I'm still using the old method for this post. What I find interesting is that now I'm even faster with the old method as I know where the keys are and I'm pressing them without even looking for them. I figure that when I've switched over, that I should be typing around a 100+ wpm.

What's also interesting is how similar this is to re-programing our imprints, programs and beliefs. That how things are, and how they are done doesn't mean that that is nor necessarily the only, best or loving way. That how we learned to do a thing can be unpluged or re-arranged to function in a new way.


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