B42 - Podcasting (Blogging in audio)

Hi Again,

I'm sure you've noticed the sleek little "Audio Player" in the side bar and if you've played it you will also sense my frustration in trying to get it working but now that I've "clued in" I'm beginning to see new possibilities for this form of web media.

Beside recording audio messages in an MP3 format that can be emailed or downloaded, Odeo also has podcasting, similar to blogging except that it's in audio. What I'm thinking of doing next is to create audio files that I could not only podcast (Blog) them, but also write a brief with a link that I could post on this Blog or/and on my Message Board. Humm, as I typed that I can also see that I'm going to have to resurrect "Dragon Naturally Speaking" a voice activated program that changes audio to written text, as that will save a lot of typing.

Well I'm off to do some more exploring and experimenting and I'll let you know what I find.


Another tool that I feel I'll be using is from Audacity for adding music background and special audio effects on my podcasts.

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