B45 - Dancing (Part 5 of 5) The Dance of Life

Last Saturday was our last Ballroom dance for the summer. During the evening I danced with several woman from my class and there were two distinct moments in different dances that I vividly recall. One was a waltz and we had been struggling with issues of control, technique, floor craft along with personal issues of dancing close with a stranger in public, being in a crowd, standing out for all the wrong reasons, etc, etc. As we danced, we suddenly felt a shift and we both looked at each other and smiled a knowing smile as we felt connected to each other with a feeling that we were dancing on air as we glided around the room. We both felt disappointed that the music stopped as that was an experience we never had before.

It was the next day that I realized that Life is also a Dance. The experience at the Ballroom dance, was of two people being in tune with each other, the male leading and guiding but also open to input from the female as they glided across the floor in unison, as if one being with spontaneous, open and flowing non-verbal communication where there's was no separation, physically, mentally or emotionally. When we can do the same with our Spirit (Male-Mind) and our Soul (Female-Will, intuition and feelings) in our Body, our personal lives will also become a dance, a dance of Love. We will be in the now, the moment and ALL parts of us will be in agreement and enjoying the experience... the dance of Life.


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