B113 - Medical experts say schizophrenia has no scientific validity, is imprecise and stigmatizing.

Experts want to rename schizophrenia

Tue Oct 10, 9:12 AM ET LONDON (Reuters) - Mental health experts called on Monday for the term schizophrenia to be dropped, saying it has no scientific validity, is imprecise and stigmatizing.

Professor Marius Romme.... said "It is a harmful concept"...... He added that symptoms such as delusions, hearing voices and hallucinations are not the results of the illness but may be reactions to traumatic and troubling events in life...... "It groups together a whole range of different problems under one label -- the assumption is that all of these people with all of these different problems have the same brain disease," he added.....

Other psychiatrists agree that schizophrenia is an unsatisfactory term that conveys bizarreness but they are concerned that discarding the term could lead to problems classifying patients with psychosis.......He suggested replacing the term schizophrenia with the label "dopamine dysregulation disorder", which he said more accurately reflects what is happening in the brain of someone who is psychotic.

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Medical experts say Schizophrenia has no scientific validity, is imprecise and stigmatizing...... and is to be replaced with the name (dopamine dysregulation disorder) DDD. So what have these so-called medical EXPERTS really done?.... Changed the name... a form change.... and that's supposed to make the person better... Dah! hello.. anyone home....!!!

The term schizophrenia is derived from the Greek words 'schizoid' (split) and 'phren' (mind) and was coined by Eugene Bleuler in 1908 to refer to the lack of interaction between thought processes and perception. He was also the first to describe the symptoms as "positive" or "negative. The problem is that the Medical community also included a host of other symptoms under the same general term Schizophrenia, as listed below.

1) Schizophrenia is a serious brain disorder. It is a disease that makes it difficult for a person to tell the difference between real and unreal experiences,
2) Schizophrenia, often misunderstood as split personality, is a chronic mental illness characterized by psychosis, or loss of reality testing.
3) Disorganized schizophrenia is a type of schizophrenia characterized by disinhibited, agitated, and purposeless behavior
4) A mental illness characterized by disordered thinking, delusions, hallucinations, emotional disturbance, and withdrawal from reality
5) And the list goes on...

The medical community labels anyone that sees what they or most others can't see as being delusional or suffering from hallucinations. Seeing the normally unseen reality can be frightening and disorienting especially if there is already a fear and stigma associated with it, as are hearing voices. Doctors have been labeling these people as suffering from Schizophrenia when there is so much more to it. Seeing and hearing is not a problem if you have acceptance that you have a gift and that you can see and hear things that others can't.. That gift and ability, doesn't necessarily make these people schizoid (split personality).

Now what I would call a Schizophrenic "split personality" is a person that changes their behavior from one state to another (positive to negative) and becomes an entirely different person in the matter of seconds. This is the classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde behavoiur and may well include seeing things and hearing voices. This can also take on multiple personalities. This manifestation is actually a form of possession.... and that is another subject onto itself...

The whole foundation that the medical community have based their concepts and treatments on are flawed and are only a part truth... True, there are chemical imbalances occurring in the body, but instead of stuffing the body with mind and emotion altering drugs, they need to find the reason why and how the body has suddenly developed a chemical imbalance... and no.... it's not environmental or genetic, although there are links.

Saysame JR

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