B16 - Loving others - Loving self

Hi everyone,

This is my first "real time" blog post. In all this change with getting my new laptop and being full time on the web, I also decided to re-activate my Experts account. I'm in catagories, New Age, Meditation, Dealing with deprerssion, Anxiety disorders and Stress management. I've had five questions in the first two days and I realized that the one common theme that is currently coming up is that while people find it hard to love another in the relationships that they're in, they find it impossible to love themselves. And what is also evident is that they have no concept of what self love really means, other than a falses sense of being in control or more self sacrifice. They are too busy being caught up in either trying to change the other person or themselves, to MAKE the relationship work, to see what the real issues are and why.

It just remined me of a poem I channeled a few years ago called Going in Circles (601-03)


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