B8 - My Rollercoaster

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my rollercoaster.

I left Vernon on '04 Dec 1, and was litteraly completing last minute issues with my landlords ex-wife (who reminded me of my mother and ex-wife) She was not on "friendly" terms with me for speaking my feelings and my truth as she ordered me out of the house. At this time I was just helping them move their stuff, so I was already packed.

I then drove down to Kelowna and settled into my new digs, only to have a verbal confrontation with my new landlord who expected me to be a "mind reader" and who told me that I was being evicted and that I had to be out by the end of the month. He was also bringing up more issues with my mother and now father.

I pissed two people off in the same day for being myself and speaking my truth. Made me doubt myself for a moment as to what I was doing and where all this was leading me. I felt I was going deeper down the rabbit hole and that this place was "hell."

The next day we had a talk and I touched his shoulder and felt his enourmous heartbreak and I started too cry. We've been basicly OK since then as I started a part-time job doing handyman work, so I wasn't around much.

Last night, Dec. 10, he physically attacked me in the bathroom. Earlier that day he had repaired the shower and he commented to me that it needed eight hours to dry. I replied that that meant I wasn't going to have a shower that night. That night he heard water running in the bathroom and thought I was having a shower but I was brushing my teeth. We got into a verbal confrontation and he came at me and physically choked me while I had tooth brush on one hand and tooth paste in the other.

He backed off and I was aware that while I was being threatened, I wasn't in SHOCK. He came at me and chocked me again. This time I looked him in the eyes and told him he had two seconds to take his hands off me and get out of the bathroom of have the end of my toothbrush in his eye. He looked shocked, released me and backed up and told me to be out by the 15th. All this brought up more issues with my mother and father.

This morning I had a talk with him and I'm not being evicted by the 15th, but instead, I gave him my notice that I was moving out at the end of the month as I felt that both my, and his work would be done by then. I also felt and told him, that he was at a cross roads and needed to make a decision that litteraly means his life.

I also told him that his house is a portal for evil and that Rikkity (a female entity who is similar to Seth as a negotiator)is the one that's on him telling him things to feed his paranoia and that there are others coming throught also. Rikkity's also the one that's been trying to chock me as I've had a cough, but only when I was in the house.

Well I'm running out of time on the library net. More later.

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