B5 - On the Road

'04 Sept. 29

Hi everyone,

Just a brief note to let you know that I'm alive and kicking. Presently I'm in Vernon, BC, that's about 1/2 hour north of Kelowna. A lot of things have happend this summer and especially in the past two months, Enought that I can write a book on just those experiences and insights. Topics include, possession, children and animals, inner critic, over soul, Divine self fragmentation, two and more voices, choice, freedom, peace, Kundalini, Chakras healing, sex, sexuality, senuality, relationships, judgments as part of fragmentation. And the BIGGIE, the power of our denied fragments to draw to us, experiences that we need in order to heal it, which is the opposite of what we desire.

Say we desire love and abundance in our life, but what we actually manifest is unloving relationships and lack. This is not Karma, but rather our denied fragments that can't reach us any other way except through our Divine self, (which is also cut off from our consciousness) and thus the only way to reach our present consciousness is through personal physical experiences.

Hey, I'm already getting into it as I feel I need to share this and it is BIG and will change everything!!! But there is so much more and the pieces are starting to fit together, although for each querstion that is answered, I get another hundred.

Cheers for now.
John a.k.a. Shenreed

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