B21 - Democracy???

Hi everyone,

I just checked my web site statsics and noticed that the US MIltary has hit saysame 8 times this month... It's interesting how AFRAID the worlds greatest super power is although they'll DENY they're afraid. If they weren't afraid, then why would they be so paranoid and always be "looking" for so-called "terrorists." They're spooked... And the more spooked they become, the more paranoid and the more controls they feel they need to keep them safe all in the "name of freedom" or protecting democracy and freedom.

What they're afraid of is a shift in power, like the one happening in Palestine. True democracy at work, but NOT in the way Big Brother would like it. The acceptable form of democracy is like the one we just experienced in Canada where we elected Harper,a conservative and a "Bush" cronie, who after a brief chat with the Pres. announced that he was not recognizing the Hamas political party who recently won the Palestine democratic free election and went on to call them terrorists. As Canadians, the only democratic process we have is actually a facade of democracy, where the only power the people have is in electing their choice of carefully "pre-selected" cantidates that don't express the WILL of the people, but rather the will of the party and those secretly behind the party who have self-interest intentions.

This blog will probably get a lot more "hits" from the US military as I've used some "KEY" words that I'm sure they will be monitoring. I'm doing this to see just how paradoid they actually are... I'll keep you posted, unless our so so-called democracy and "freedom of speech" is now subject to the "Secret Government" limits and control and my site blocked or removed.


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