B29 - New place OK --- Group not OK :)

Well things are going smooth at my new rooming place. The owner cleaned the walls, bought an air purifier, and also cut on his smoking. He even washed my pillows to get rid of the smoky smell.

I went to the third "hands of Light" meeting and after a half hour I left. The week before we had a change of plans and instead of starting at the beginning of the book we took turns reading the last chapter out loud. There was little or no discussion of the last chapter as we spent most of the time reading.

We were told last week that we were to read the first few chapters to be discussed this week. Another woman in the group wanted to go back and discuss last weeks reading as did I as there was a lot of points that needed to be cleared. The woman that organized the meeting just wanted to start reading as that's what a study group does. I disagreed and said that I had already read it as had everyone else, so why not start at the first page and discuss what we read instead of spending hours reading out loud and better yet, go back and discuss last weeks reading in detail. She was adamant and as I pushed my chair back from the table, I said "I'm wasting my time here as reading lessons is not what I want."

She went and got my coat and when I had it on she opened her arms as she made her way toward me she saying, "well give me a hug anyway." I put my left hand up to stop her and said "No!" She was shocked! I said "I don't want your guilt filled hug that you're trying to give me to make you feel better." The other women looked at me and didn't say anything. Before I left I gave them my phone number and e-mail address if they wanted to get a hold of me.

Well that's it for now.... Ahh, not quite, my book, my second one. I'm having a hard time writing and organizing. I wrote some material over a year ago and although it's still relative, there's more. Adding more isn't as simple as it seems as now the more is also more interwined with other topics. So needle4ss to say I've been stalling, hoping that I'm not going to have to scrap the 80 or so pages and just start over again


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