B25 - On the move AGAIN?

Well I’m on the move again. I’ll be moving to a sub-division near Moncton. I'll have cable TV and a TV, phone and high speed internet. It’s also beside a large park and a kilometer from the Peticodiac River that has the Bay of Fundy ocean tides that has hiking and biking trails beside it. I’ll be sharing the house with the owner (male) and another guy. I don’t feel that I’ll be there too long.
Things have been gradually deteriorating as a few weeks ago I had a discussion with my present landlady and I stopped having any deep discussions with her as no matter what was discussed it always came back to “being saved." I carried on with shit-chats but that too deteriorated so that now all we talk about now is the weather or the dog.

As mentioned earlier, she got a new boarder, a young lad that has the “hots” for her daughter, but the daughter can’t stand him. The land lady thinks he’s great as he had a job in the oil fields in Alberta and was saving his money, investing, going to buy a house, yadda, yadda. He’s the kind of man that she wants for her daughter (and for herself) as he agrees with her, goes to church and the "Y" with her. She takes him shopping, drops him off and wakes him up when he has to go to work, teaches him how to cook and clean. The daughter doesn’t know any this yet I'm sure she'd freak if she knew. I feel that he's replacing the daughter figure and also the boys. Anyway, he and I didn’t hit it off.

The landlady’s daughter had only moved in three months earlier but had moved out just before the new border moved in and she’s living with her Dad again. The landlady and her 16 year old daughter never got along as the daughter was always doing something wrong, I called her Cinderella. The landlady never gave her daughter or her other two younger boys, the kind of attention she gives the new lad. Last weekend the daughter dropped in to say hi. We had only chatted a few minutes when the landlady came home and began talking to the daughter. I left and went to my room and a few moments later I heard a commotion downstairs as she threw her out of the house. She didn’t physically throw her out but she was on her like a starving dog after a piece of meat. Later I asked her why she didn’t even talk to her or let her daughter talk and she said that she owes her money and until she pays it, she’s not welcome in her house. I asked how may thousands of dollars does she owes. She said she owes her $13.00 and until she pays, she’s no daughter of mine. I said, that’s a good example of how money can buy Christian love.

The landlady’s also has two sons who live with the father but who visit her every second weekend. Last weekend they were lying to her face and making her look stupid. She just blew it off and then she lied to them. I let it be as I felt it was for her to deal with. Later my comment to that episode was that “children learn by example.” She replied that I didn’t know the whole story. I said I was there when they told you what they were going and I was there when they lied, so what's to know? I said that if you would have challenged their lies, instead of lying, I would have backed you up, but it was your choice, not mine. I had previously spoken to her when I had a run in with all the children a few weeks back and I called them on their lies that had to do with me. Since then, the kids and I have actually had some good talks.

Back to my issues with the new border that started with him mumbling, as I couldn’t make out what he was saying and finally I got him to talk so that I could understand him. The next issues were with him wanting to know where I was going and doing. The final issue was with the phone. He was always running to answer it, although it has an answering machine. He would then ask me where the landlady was, when she’d be back, or to tell her that so and so called. I told him on two occasions that if he wants to answer the phone, that’s his business not mine and to not bother me as I let the machine pick it up. After the third incident and me telling him twice that we’ve been through this before, I got angry and told him to fuck off! He stopped and wet upstairs.

A few minutes later the land lady came in and went upstairs to her room. He had been in his room and had now come down stairs and as he was getting dressed to go out he muttered something to me. I asked him what he said and he said fuck off. I began to talk to him and he started to utter a strange “chirping” sound whenever I spoke so that he couldn’t hear me. I never bothered with him as he was going out.

After he left I went upstairs and told the landlady what had just happened. I had spoken to her before about my run in with him and the phone and she said she’d talk to him. I mentioned that her talks didn’t work, but I think he got the message today. She mentioned that she overheard our conversation and that she didn't like that kind of language in her house. She said that I was older and should know better, that he was younger and had things to learn. I said if that’s a truth, then he should respect me as I’m older and have things to teach him. She defended him on all accounts and told me that she didn’t want that kind of tension or language in the house. I told her not to tell me what to do unless she also tells him, that he’s the one that's bugging and attacking me, pretending to be ignorant, not me him. I told her that if she wants to play the old two rule game that I wasn’t going to be a part of it. She then said that she also didn't like me interfering with her personal life. I said I was living in the same house, how can I not be aware of what's going on? I also mentioned that I don't say anything unless I'm directly involved.

She then said that if I didn’t like it I could leave. I said that's your choice, so I'm giving you my months notice. She wanted me out ASAP but seeing all this happened on the Feb 14th and rent was due that day, I told her I’d be out by the end of the month. Since then she had a chat with him and he basically stays out of my way now.
I still haven’t figured out what’s really going on. I don’t know if he’s evil (a denial Spirit) or if he’s just ignorant and confused. It doesn’t really matter about him, as what’s important is what it has to do with me. I still have till the end of the month to figure that out and also see what else comes up.

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