B26 - This is NOT funny :)

Hi again,

Well it's '06 March 2 and I moved in yesterday. When I took the apartment the owner said that he worked a lot and that I’d like it here as it was quiet. As he lit up a cigarette he said the place was clean, which on the surface it was. When I asked him if there was smoking he said that he smoked a little after work and then asked if I could smell cigarette smoke when I came in. I said that I didn’t although I did smell smoke from the wood stove that he used for heating. We chatted some more and I gave him a $100 deposit and left. I should have paid attention to my intuition as when I left, I could smell smoke on my jacket but I put it dawn to the fact that he was smoking when I was there.

I moved in around noon and the owner was home by 1:00 pm and was home for the rest of the day, smoking. By 10:00pm when I went to get my shower and I could smell smoke coming off me as I was showering. I went to bed just after 11:00pm and woke up around 2:00am, I couldn’t breathe. My pillow case that I had been laying on in the afternoon now smelled of stale smoke and it was in the air. I opened the window about an inch to let some fresh air in and that was how I was able to have some sleep. I went to the washroom around 5:30 am and saw the owner laying on the living room couch, watching TV and you guessed it smoking. He was gone when I got up to make breakfast and I counted 15 cigarette butts in the ashtray.

I’ve turned on the portable heater and left the window open a crack hopefully letting this air out. I put on clean clothes this morning and already can smell smoke on them, and it’s only been 2 1/2 hours. YUK! Well you guessed it, I’ll be giving him my notice today and I don’t know if I’ll last to the end of the month. I’ll have to see what happens as I don’t really want to lose or can afford to lose a months rent. More to come 


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