B27 - Transitions (same but different)

Well the move out went pretty smooth. The last night I was there, the young man was trying to pick a fight. I was in the kitchen going through the fridge tossing out some food stuff and he came down stairs like a herd of elephants, stomping and huffin and puffin. He never ever made supper between 5 - 6 as he usually ate around 9 - 10. He took over the counter space and the stove and I could feel that he was looking to see what I was making for supper and waiting for "his" moment. I had planned to have some left over soup later on so I told him to knock himself out, that the kitchen was all his as I threw some sprouting garlic into the garbage and went to watch the news on TV. He never said a word but I could feel is anger and hear him muttering and banging in the kitchen.

Later I went to have a shower and I found my soap was squished and mangled so that all that was left was sliver the size of a quarter. I knew he did it out of spite but that was OK as I had enough to shower with and I was planning to toss it after my shower anyway. As I was leaving, I told the landlady about it and warned her that when things turn "sour" between them that she better look out as he will get violent.

I wrote an article to the to the local newspaper in reply to an editorial on bullies. I had been watching the papers to see if it would be published and on Tuesday I noticed that there was no paper in the house. The landlady usually brings it in before going to work so I went out to see it it was there but nothing. Later, when she came home I asked if she had taken the paper to work. She said no, that it was in the mailbox when she left. We then looked in the mail box and she said that someone must have stolen it. I thought that her actions and response were odd, but what the heck, I was moving out anyway. On Wednesday I stopped at the Library and got the Tuesday paper and low and behold, top and centre was my article and my name in bold on the bottom. I guess the thief wanted to have that article :)

As mentioned I had some troubles at the new place with smells and cigarette smoke, but I expressed my fears and my issues and the owner has cut down on his smoking, washed the cupboards, installed and air purifier, washed my pillows, and is cleaning up the storage room in the basement under my bedroom. Things are getting better and I haven't had to sleep with the windows open the past two nights.

I'm still taking the ballromm dance classes on Sat. night and Sunday afternoon is a two hour practice time. I really enjoy it. I've also joined a book study group on Sunday night dealing with "Hands of Light" by Barbara Ann Brennan. There are presently four women (Reiki masters and practitioners) in the group and me. The first meeting was last week and it will be interesting to see what develops tonight as although they are not bible thumpers, they have a similar "positive only" attitude. While stating that they create their own reality, anything that is deemed negative or evil is not considered part of the reality they choose to experience and so they openly deny that unlovingness and evil exist. I laughed when it came up last week as I said that unlovingness and evil had to exist, at least long enough to activate them into denying that it existed. That if it didn't exist, then how could they know about it to be able to deny it? They disagreed and went around in circles trying to justify their beliefs yet at the same time saying that they were open to new experiences and point of views.


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