B39 - Earth Changes

Earth changes are not only coming, but they are happenig now. Most people and especially governments don't want to face the truth that these changes are upon us. Governments and the Media also deny and supress any major Earth change information claiming that they don't want to create fear and panic and so only report what they can't avoid or can't deny reporting. Global warming is NOT what I'm talking about.

Here is a US Government site that I'm sure will interest you, especially since it contains seismic data from over 80 sites around the world. You can get it at he following link. Live Internet Seismic Server
Once there, click on "go directly to data" or click on this link Seismic Data (Note: To enlarge the chart, left click on the image.) The Links are wortking fine... the government servers are off line.. Hummm?

There is also a lot of other info on this site that is not made know to the general public... I have copies of seismic activity going back a couple of years, of days when there was HUGE activity at every site around the world... I mean off the scale. Those were days when I knew that something was going on with the Earth as I could feel it.

The horizontal lines are a time line reference but they can also give you an idea of the magnitude of the seismic activity. Each chart represents the activity for the whole day and each one of the 24 horizontal lines represents a one hour

The movement of the vertical lines from left to right on the chart indicate the time and duration of the seismic activity during a one hour period. The chart is also divided into six - 10 minute segments covering one hour.

If there is little seismic activity (Volcanoes and Earthquakes) the time line is almost flat or slightly wavy. If there are strong vertical swings or the graph is almost all black with scribbly lines, that means that there is MAJOR seismic activity in that area. The after shocks are shown on a different time line. What I find interesting is that a lot of these activities are occurring at the same time.

I'm not posting this to frighten you but to make you aware of what's happening in the world around us. I'm not the message, just the messenger.


PS: Here are four more related websites you may find of interest:
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