B38 - Wellness expo (People are awakening)

Hi everyone,

Just thought I’d add my comments as to some of the Earth/people changes that I’ve recently felt and experienced.

I went to a wellness expo in Moncton, New Brunswick, the 2nd annual in this Bible thumping Eastern part of Canada. As far as New Age is concerned, people down East (as they are termed) are fifteen years behind the times, but even though they are behind the times in getting started in a New Age movement, they are just as current as those in Ontario or British Columbia as the material hasn’t really changed. My first psychic fair/ wellness expo was in Ontario back in ’90 and this one was not really different SSDD. (Same “Stuff” Different Day). A lot of the same info and material is still re-cycling itself while some has taken on a new twist or is being combined with other modalities. Most of the people that had booths at the expo are what I consider your typical Old World “BOX” mentality, that is, they go by the book or another’s word or teachings, just like the thumpers. They have adopted other people’s ideas as their truth and now they’re trying to recruit and sell that idea or product, either as the spiritual truth or as a magic bullet to cure all illness.

But, having said that, there was one thing that I did notice that was different in that I was drawn to speak to people running six different booths and in each case I picked up what was going on with them, either emotionally, physically or both. I spoke to these people from the Heart and I felt them connect with me and while they were still caught up in the “box” mentality, I could feel them trying to find a way out. Even though they didn’t know what they were looking for I could feel they knew there was more, and that what they were doing was only a part of the picture. I could feel that they were genuinely curious as they asked me who I was and also to tell them more; they were awakening even though they were not consciously aware of it yet. I also noticed a difference in the crowd or rather in a small portion of the crowd as they too were searching and it was nice to make eye contact with them and feel the connection, and even though nothing was said, nothing had to be said, as everything was felt.

That’s it.


Last year I went to a similar expo in Kelowna. BC and by comparison, I'd say that BC has 10 times more New Age stores and related busisness than does Ontario. That will also give you some idea of where Eastern Canada stands as far as alternative, New Age is concerned. But having said that, that doesn't mean that the people in BC are any more spiritualy evolved than the rest of the Canada, because they are still feeding off the same old info that I talked about earlier, it's just that there are a lot more places to get it and a lot more people intested in alternatives and not the traditional beliefs and the Bible as is the case in Eastern Canada.

Also, when I was at the Kelowna expo surrounded by throngs of New Agers, I only talked to and connected to two people. I compare that to this experience and I feel that it's not the New Age info or movement per say, but that there has been a energy shift this past year in the people themselves regardless of their exposure to alternative ideas or practices.
"More food for thought"

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