B65 - Blogs! Grrrrr.... I have a gripe!

Why do Blogs work the way they do...against the flow so to speak!

What I mean is... say that over a three day period you posted three separate entries that are all related, #1 then #2 and finally #3. Fair enough, you did your part.. BUT... and this is what ticks me off. Say someone reads the post title for #3 and sees that it's a three part entry and wants to read it all. In order for them to read post #1, they have to scroll down past post#3 and #2 in order to read #1 and when they have finished reading #1 they have to scroll back up through #1, through post #2 to the beginning of #2 and then scroll down #2 to the top of #1. Then they have to scroll back up through #2 and #3 to the top of #3 and then scroll down #3 to the top of #2... THIS IS INSANE!!!! Dah!! Who is the ____ ____ that never gave this Blogging concept any practical thought or application?

I'm not a programmer but I'm sure it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to program it so that #1 is posted first and then #2 and #3 are posted in their respective order.... BUT.... in a DOWNWARD flow or position. Meaning.... Using the same scenario, If they read the last post #3 and found that it was a three part entry, they could scroll back up to the top of post #1 and then scroll down the page to post #2 and carry on to the beginning of post #3 and to the end of the current blog... instead of all this herky jerky up and down nonsense...

The next new blog entry #4, after #3 should also, by default, open at the top of the page with the title as it does now.

Please.... PLEASE... SOMEONE..... with a little know how.... FIX THIS MESS! I guarantee you that you will have a flood of people wanting to post and read your blogs instead of the back-ass-words ones they are currently reading...

Frustrated but finally delighted to get this off my chest.


PS: '06 Sept 20 I can see the practicality of opening a blog page and seeing the most recent post first... and there is no problem if every post is a different topic. It's only when you have posts that are like a journal, and you are reading follow ups to pervious posts that things get "herky-jerky" as I call it. If a Blog was designed to be a "journal" on the web, you would have thunk they would have found a way to display it in a similar manner to a Message Board or Forum thread.... or even an e-mail thread...

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