B60 - Fear and denial

(Part 1 of 3)
I camped out in the Parry Sound area of Ontario for three days amongst the stars, bears, moose, deer and other animals. I then called my friend Irene and made arrangements to camp out in her back yard for a few days. Normally I would have stayed in the spare bedroom but she had another lady friend (Mini) that was staying with her and I really didn't want to sleep in the family room and bother and be bothered by Irenes husband Dave who worked split shifts and likes to watch TV in the middle of the night.

Irenes friend Mini, has a Dog, a black 30lb mini standard poodle and a large 24 lb cat. and Irene has a mini boxer. The reason I'm mentioning this is that they come into play a little later in my story. Amonmg other things, Irene has Lupus and is in a wheelchair but she also gets about with the aid of two canes when she is not in the chair. The last time I visited her she had her dog on her lap to comfort her sore knee and legs but since Mini was up she has switched to the poodle for comfort and to also comfort the dog.

I asked why and she explained that the poodle was afraid of Dave and of the energies around him and that she felt the dogs fear and that was why she was comforting it and allowing it to jump up on her lap. I could see that the dog was spooked by Daves presence, but she never did anything to try to bring the two together and she only yelled at Dave blaming him for the dogs barking and actions. The first night I was there, Dave was almost in tears trying to explain that he never did anything to the dog and I could feel his heartbreak at being blamed for something he didn't do. The dog was also spooked at any little noise, even the cat and Irenes dog. At times I felt the dog was using this so-called fear as a means to get undivided attention as Mini would swat the cat and scold Irenes dog, but not say a word to her poodle except to comfort it every time it barked and Irene basically did the same except swat the cat.

A couple of days later we were out on the deck having an evening cup of tea and the dog was activated by Dave coming up the stairs and it jumped up on Irenes lap for safety. As it did, it hurt Irene and she pushed the dog off. It came to me and tried to jump up on me but as I had a cup of tea in my hand, I put my knee up and it hit it's jaw on my knee and stopped. Irene mentioned that she didn't want the dog on her as she was in pain and I told her to put her knee up like I did when the dog comes back to jump up on her. A moment later the dog tried to jump on her lap and she did what I told her and the dog stopped. It looked at me and at Irene and then lay down on the deck and was quiet for the rest of the time we were on the deck even though there were noises. I could see that the dog was aware of them, but he wasn't jumping onto anyones lap. I was even able to get the dog to sit and lay down beside me. Irene commented that she was amazed at how the dog responded to me and that how it seemed not to be afraid. I replied that I felt that the dog was using fear to get attention.

After our tea, we went inside and watched a bit of TV before going to bed. NO sooner had Irene got herself settled into her chair than the dog jumped up on her and although she winced and cried in pain she not only allowed it to stay, but she also cuddled it and apologized for not letting it up on her when she was outside. I looked at her in disbelief and she said that I just didn't understand that the dog has fear. I didn't reply as I thought want's the point.

(end of Part 1 of 3)

PS: One thing I forgot to mention was that Irene said that the dog was afraid of Dave because there were a couple of evil entities, Baal and Brahma, that were following Dave and scaring the dog. Irene can "see" ghosts and spirits, and animals are also aware of them and of loving and unloving energy. With all that I had just experienced in the Maritimes, I didn't know what was going on. What also confused me was that I couldn't smell or feel them like I normally do.

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