B92 - Not on the same page (Insight)

’06 Sept 28 6:30 p.m. .....Marian was doing her banking on line and we got onto the topic of banking cards and she said that it was easy to set up an account on line and that all I needed to have was my bank card number and name and then when you log on, you select a password and you set up your account.

I said, “So if I don’t have an internet account already and I lost my bank card and someone found it, they could open up a net account and have access to my bank account?”

She said, “No they would have to have your password.”

I replied, “But they do, they are the ones that have my card with my name and they are the ones that set up the account and they also set the password.”

She then stated rather firmly, ” No, they couldn’t use your account as they can’t take money out or transfer funds to any account but to your accounts.

After a few more minutes of going around in circles, and her saying that I wasn’t listening to her, I realized that we weren’t on the same page. She was actually talking about them not being able to transfer my money to their account, or paying their bills, as both would be traced and that you can only do transfers to other personal accounts you have. While I… was talking about a crook being able to open and set up an account if he found my bank card… I told her that but it didn’t sink in.

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