B75 - Regression, Wicca and Witchcraft

‘06 Sept 05 Tuesday.
Cory was at work so Jen and I chatted until she asked if I wanted to go into Penetang as she wanted to get a watch band sized for Cory. As we were coming out of the jewelry shop Jen bumped into an acquaintance of hers and we had a chat in the mall for a good hour before it was decided that I’d do a regression with Bonnie.

Jen had to go home so I went back to the house with Jen and picked up my truck and drove back to the Mall to pick up Bonnie and a computer she was having repaired. We went to her place and we spent another hour another hour or so talking about Wicca and witchcraft and other stuff that she was into. We finally went into the regression that lasted for almost two hours and when she came out she had a new perspective on love and denial. It was around 5:30 p.m. when we ended the session and we were in the kitchen, chatting about the regression when her husband, Rick, came home from work. I could feel he was confused and also disturbed that I was there, but as Bonnie was talking and filling him in on what we had been doing, I felt no need to justify my being there even if it made him feel uneasy. On the way back to Jens, I grabbed some take out as both Jen and Cory weren’t home.

9:00 p.m. Jen came home from her last meditation class and asked me if I wanted to do a word association game. I looked up from writing in my journal and said no, that I wasn’t feeling good and she asked me what was wrong, what’s attacking me? I never thought of that, I was thinking it was the “take out” food that I ate… I scanned my energy field and felt two people, the first was Irene… she was attacking me because she was pissed off that I was healthy and not sick like her and that AI didn’t understand. The second was Rick, Bonnie’s husband and I felt that he had put some kind of hex or spell on me like Bonnie told me he did to a co-worker that was giving him a hard time. I send both energies back to where they belonged and in a few minutes, I began to feel better.

Cory came home a few minutes later and said that uncle had died un-expectantly and that the funeral was on Saturday Sept 8. Jen commented that Theresa, who was planning this benefit for her called to say that she was helping her parents move to the cottage on Saturday but that she would be there Saturday night for the benefit. Angelia was working most of Saturday, so if Cory wasn’t there either, then who was left to set up the hall? I felt it wasn’t going to happen and that it was all beginning to unravel.

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