B74 - Activating Irene and watching people

’06 Sept 02 Saturday.
The morning coffee and chat with Irene was rather quiet, She went to rest and I moved my tent to a new spot so that it wouldn’t kill the grass, I decided to go to Baum Beach and get some sun as there was a break in the weather. I had Chinese food before I returned to Irene’s and it was that night that I activated her with the dog. See Blog Denial and Fear

‘06 Sept 03 Sunday.
My unexpected departure from Irene and Dave’s put a "ka bosh" in my plans, as I was supposed to spend a few days with Jen and Cory before I made my way to Woodstock to spend a few days at my ex-wifes and to see my daughter Janice and Mark her husband, but they had gone away for the long weekend and wouldn't be back until late Monday afternoon. After breakfast I spent some time in town before making my way to a regional forestry area. I was going to camp out but decided to spend the night in my truck as it had begun to rain again and my tent was wet.

‘06 Sept 04
After spending a quiet night in the woods, I made my way back to town and after breakfast at McDonalds. There was obese, boisterous woman talking to four of her friends, she could be heard all over the restaurant as I saw several people looking at her. A young family with two small children came in and sat between me and the woman. The youngest boy had a blue bandage on his nose and the boisterous woman asked him what happened to him? He innocently told her that he fell on the driveway and skinned his nose. The woman then began to tell him that he shouldn’t have a BLUE bandage on his nose as everyone can see it and that he is hurt and that he should have one that matched the colour of the skin on his nose… I could see the father getting ticked off but he didn’t say anything to the woman as the little boy looked up at him in bewilderment.

The woman then turned back to her friends and carried on mouthing her opinions and judgments. I can’t remember what she was talking about but at one point I looked at her and silently said “bullshit.” She momentarily stopped her verbal diarrhea as she turned to look my way. We made eye contact and she looked bewildered and as I felt she heard what I said. She then she shook he head, turned to her friends, who were also looking my way and then carried on as if nothing had happened.

I spent the next few hours at the lake in the centre of town. I took the opportunity to take some picture and to dry out my tent. I made my way to Jen and Cory’s around 5:30 p.m.

As Cory was out, Jen and I chatted a few hours catching up on our major experiences since the last time we met in person was last fall. We also discussed the up-coming benefit for her that was being held this Saturday Sept 9. The hall and entertainment was already booked and tickets were on sale. She was tired and by 10:00 p.m. said good night and I crawled into my sleeping back on the futon.

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