B73 - The plot thickens….

’06 Sept 01 Friday,
Jen called Irene this morning saying that she found out about the benefit that Theresa and Angelia were planning for her. It seems that Theresa and Angelia got Cory to give them Jen’s personal phone book which contained Jen’s family phone numbers and that they had called them telling them what they were planning.

Jen’s mother and Vic were not happy as they said that it gives others the impression that they are not doing anything for Jen. Jen’s brother was upset that the phone numbers were given out and that they were contacted for charity and that his pride was hurt. He even offered to pay the whole tuition if that was what Jen wanted, but he didn’t want Jen to be a charity case.

Theresa and Angelia blamed Jens family for wanting to spoil Jens life and the family wants Theresa and Angelia to stay out of the family business. Jens boyfriend Cory is stuck in the middle in that he feels inadequate that he can’t give Jen what she wants and he’s torn between Jens friends and her family. He’s in no man’s land. Jen is also stuck in the middle as this experience is bringing up past issues with her family and friends.. What a tangled web we weave…

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