B72 - Energy Vampires

’06 Aug 31 Thursday.

Before I went into town today to get a vehicle emissions test and license for my truck. I had a chat with Irene about her friend that is manic and bi-polar that took off for four days without telling anyone where she was going. The family had called Irene yesterday to see if she knew where she was or could be, but Irene didn’t know. Irene was worried and began making phone calls as she knew that her friend was having marriage problems and that they were separating.

I told Irene what I was picking up on her friend and that she was using this to get attention so that her family would worry, and that she in effect was feeding off them, off of their worry and concern. Later that night I heard Irene slam the phone down. I asked her what’s up and she said it was her friend, that she just came home and that she was laughing and thought it funny that everyone was looking for her and that they were worried, and that she had been at a Motel having a good time for the past four days…Irene couldn’t believe that she or anyone could do something like that.

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