B88 - Sexual Predicators – Energy Vampires

'06 Sept 26 ....The male sex organs are an outward expression of love of giving, while the female sex organs are an inward expression of love, of receiving. The outward expression is also how we express ourselves to others while in the inward is how we express and relate to ourselves. The penis is an extension of the Body when love, passion and desire are felt AND also when rage, anger and lust are felt. Both presently operate unloving in a state of denial to get high or a fix off of the 2nd chakra energy. This 2nd chakra or sacral energy has a different feel to it and a different energy and experience than the Survival chakra energy but it is just as powerful in its own way.

Again, men are the sexual predicators (vampires) that feed off of this energy and their favorite “food” is women that are of love essence but in denial. It’s not only men, but women also feed off of men that are love essence in denial and men off of men and women off of women in gay/lesbian relationships… whatever is vulnerable and their preference is what they use, food is food. That also ties in to what I said earlier about “good and evil” and how opposites attract and how love essence in denial thinks that having sex with an unloving essence in anger and rage is love, meanwhile it’s just an unloving rage fuck.

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