B87 - Body Movement, Music, feelings and emotions

’06 Sept 26 Tuesday.....I was thinking of what Janno said in his post that he was gay because at the age of five, he was watching ballet and he liked the men in tights. I posted a reply, but then got to thinking more of why and what attracted a little five year old boy to ballet and men in tights. It wasn’t the ballet or the men in tights that he was attracted to but the freedom of movement that the body of the dancers expressed. They danced and moved their body not only to the sound and vibration of the music, but also to what they were feeling at the time…in the moment. And while the whole dance was choreographed, they still put their feelings and emotions into the dance.

The dance was also more…of moving with a partner that was moving in their own space and time and in their individual style, but yet in unison, in partnership with another or others on the stage.

Sound has vibration and is expressed through music and although music is structured, it can also be expressed in unlimited forms and ways. But in order for music to have life, to have presence, the instruments must be played with emotion, passion and desire. Also related is voice and singing, and again, feeling, emotion and desire, give the vocal sound life.

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