B78 - Things happening but I don’t know why? Yet!

’06 Sept 09 Saturday I was thinking of Gary not wanting me here, yet we have hardly spoken to each other and when we did discuss things like the 9/11 cover-up we were in basic agreement. Marian was telling me that Gary also has issues with his girl friends daughter who is living with her. He said that he was pissed off that his girlfriend put her daughter ahead of him. I feel that he only reason that he came here was because Marian was alone. I realized that he is afraid of groups that include more than one person. It’s a competition and control issue as when it’s one-on-one with a woman there’s no problem and he’s a smooth talker. And part of the reason that Marian wants someone here is that she is afraid to be alone.

I went to a local coffee house that had wireless internet and I checked my e-mail. Bonnie the woman that I did a regression and healing with e-mailed me today. From what she said, she was glad to have had someone that she could express her emotions with and that her husband Rick wasn’t ready to do that with her and that he has feelings and emotions that he also needs to express. It’s Ironic that here the two of them are living together, have similar issues and desires, yet unable to work together to help each other heal their wounds.

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