B79 - Similarities and Differences

’06 Sept 10 Sunday 8:35 a.m. I was thinking of similarities and differences and I was trying to expand these two polarity concepts to see if there was link between them and Spirit and Soul…. By that I mean, is the…. As I began I realized that it’s all relative… I was going to say that feelings are activated by things that are similar, that happened before and that remind us of something else, but then I realized that at the same time we can also feel different, outside of, not belonging…. So we drift between both polarities… So now what?

As I was typing this piece for my Blog I realized that even though feeling different, outside of , not belonging may appear to be of a DIFFERENT polarity, they are in fact still part of the SIMILAR polarity in that this feeling is still similar to what we had experienced before… (scratching me head) Hummm. I feel I’m going around in circles.

3:30p.m. I was washing my clothes and watching TV with Marian when I noticed her right foot moving and that her toes were moving in an erratic pattern. I commented on it and she said that she has always had that and that it was restless foot syndrome. I replied that if you were younger, that you would have been diagnosed was having ADD. She relied that the Doctors have said that there is a link between the two and as a child she probably had it but wasn’t diagnosed with it.

4:30 p.m. I called my brother Dave this afternoon; he said that he had been expecting my call. We chatted briefly about him buying some acreage outside Regina and how the deal fell through. He also told me that he was going into the hospital as they did a biopsy on the tissues they removed from his back a couple of months ago and found that it was all cancer and that they would need to do surgery again. This cancer growth is on his back, behind his heart… What ticks me off is that it took so long for the biopsy to be completed when they know they are dealing with a life and death situation and that ever hour counts. and then there is also no rush to get the surgery done either.

I finally got hooked up to Marian’s internet and so I posted my first Blog entry in almost a month.

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