B80 - What’s going on?

’06 Sept 12 Tuesday I received another e-mail from Bonnie and she was trying to clear up what she called a misunderstanding from our previous e-mail. I felt that she was back in her “denial mode” by dumping all unwanted emotions in a well and forgetting about them, that she told me that she used to do and now she mentioned that she has also been encouraging her husband to do the same… I was blunt and to the point saying that what she was doing now, was not what we did in the regression and to not try to tell me that she was following my advice or methods. I also told her that she was saying one thing and doing another and that if that was her choice, I wasn’t going to try to get her to change her mind. That was the last time I heard from her….

Today I posted Fear and Denial and also Fear, denial, and activation

’06 Sept 13 Wednesday. It seems that everywhere I go I activate people. When I got home, Marian told me that Gary didn’t like me sleeping on his futon and that he wanted it back. When he had heard that I was going to be visiting, he told Marian that I could use his futon (that was in storage) and it was put on the floor in the spare bedroom. When Marian heard his demand, she was going to go out and but a new futon, but I told her no problem as I had an air mattress that I could sleep on until he moved out at the end of the month and I got the mattress out of my camping supplies.

Today I posted the insights that I got with Irene’s activation called, Fear, denial, activation and Insights

I talked with Marian about rent and how much she wanted. I had checked the paper and there were several rooms with cable, internet and laundry going for $300.00/month She said it would be less than that but didn’t say how much.

A couple of days ago, I noticed that Gary had stashed a 24 of beer beside the fridge and a new gallon jug of whiskey in the corner of the dining room. Today there were only 12 beer left and the gallon was down to less than 2/3‘s. If Gary is home after supper, Marian lets him watch the TV in the living room while she uses the one in her bedroom. I don’t watch TV as I’m on the computer, but when I go down to the kitchen, I see him watching TV in the dark with a drink in his hand. This guy is an alcoholic.

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