B81 - Busy on the Net

The past few days I’ve been having a barrage of private e-mails and questions from Experts. I’ve also been doing a lot of posting on a form or message board called Spiritual Awareness.

There has been this one 21 year old gay guy that I’ve been talking with. I’ll give you the link if you are interested or actually two links as he jumped from one thread to another…The first thread is > Spiritual Awareness > Questions & Answer > I desperately need some advice, please.
And the second one is > Spiritual Awareness > Questions & Answers > Unusual Question

I’m also going to give you another link where the thread was terminated by the board owner Lisa, that I had met a few years ago. That thread is called > Spiritual Awareness > Community > Emotionally, mentally, spiritually.... wore out!!

Well I finally posted them on my message board.. this post will give you the links

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