B82 - Good and Evil

’06 Sept 15 Good and Evil: This war has been going on since the beginning of Creation. That which is love, calls that which is unloving evil. That which is unloving calls that which is love, evil. It’s a stalemate…or so we have been lead to believe.

The stalemate is only valid and maintained as long as we that are of love essence deny ourselves. When we are in the state of denial, we reverse a part of our energy polarity and become in essence, an unloving doer of evil; thinking, behaving and acting in the same way that unloving essence does and thusly, falsely believing that love is evil… Dah! What a joke, a cosmic joke that really isn’t very funny.

Love essence is the only essence that can end this battle by the acceptance of the presence of denial within us and thereby ending our denial of self that creates the polarity reversal of our essence. Unloving essence can only deny and can only accept denial and the presence of denial in love essence. It is incapable of moving past its imprints, programs and beliefs. The constant battle between good and evil has gone on without change or the ability of either side to see a way to end this conflict until now and love has, and is the KEY. Now there is a way to end this conflict. And a New Light is anchoring here on Earth and is moving out to affect all of creation.

Tonight I got an e-mail from my brother in law that prompted me to post >>> Australia - Canada --- Christian Rednecks.. eh!

I haven’t spoken to Jen since I left, although I have tried to call her a few times. I’ve left messages and even told her to call my cell number when she is able to talk and that I’d call her back on Skype… but she hasn’t done that either.. Right now I feel what’s the use? I haven’t called Irene as I keep getting that she is not open to my call.

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