B83 - Things that go “Clunk”

’06 Sept 16 I've been hearing a "clunk" in my front end for the past few months but I could never find the problem as it was a intermittent. As I turned into a parking spot I heard it again and this time I found the source. Turns out that both my links that connect my stabilized bar to the lower control arm were broken, not only broken, but they looked as if they had been broken and rusted off for a long time... I just had a ball joint replaced and a front end alignment by CANADIAN TIRE in the Maritimes and they never said a word... I happened to be in a Woodstock mall and there was a Canadian Tire store near by so I went in and asked for a quote on getting it fixed...The Saturday service rep said it was three hours ($80.00/hr) plus parts around $100... I looked at him and questioned the three hours as there were only two nuts on each link and they were fully exposed? He was adamant about the three hours shop time. I told him no thanks.
As I left, I was planning to do the job myself as my Marian had some tools. As I was driving home, I spotted an Auto Parts store a few block from CTC and got a quote for under $50.00 for the parts tax included.

’06 Swept 17 I posted > Opposite points of View
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’06 Sept 19 Tuesday. I took Marian to the hospital this morning to get an epidermal in her back as she has been suffering from back pain for quit a while.

It finally stopped raining this afternoon so I thought I’d try to get the old links out of my truck. I figured that if I could get the old parts out, it would be no problem getting the new ones put in. It turned out that while my Marian had some sockets, they were not deep enough to hold the bolt and I eventually gave up a went to a small Auto repair shop half way between Canadian Tire and the Auto Parts store. I gave Dan the info and he quoted me $70.00/hr labour (max one hour) plus parts. I agreed and made an appointment for Thursday morning.

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