B84 - Dream/Vision of UFO

’06 Sept 20 Wednesday With experience comes understanding and knowing…. And in applying your understanding and knowing comes wisdom and more experience..

3:35 a.m. I awoke from a dream/vision that a UFO released a magnetic object in space near Earth and it was attracting all the space junk and like a magnet, this junk was sticking to it. It was not only attracting space debris, but also attracting and at the same time, disabling all military satellites and weapons, or satellites that had a military or spy function. The Hubble telescope was reprogrammed to look only into space and not towards Earth. Weather satellites still functioned but were also re-programmed to provide information only on the weather.

The object and its collection of space objects became huge as it gathered more and more of these military satellites and weapons. It could be seen from Earth as a small moon in the sky. Even the space station was attracted to the magnetic object. It was shut down and all abroad were taken off by a shuttle that had come up on another mission but when all this started happening and the space station starting moving toward the object; they retrieved them and returned to Earth.

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