B85 - Pain and Feeling no Pain

1:26 p.m This morning Marian came downstairs and said that this is the first morning in a long time that she had no pain when she got up. I replied that this is the first morning that she’s feeling no pain, as I felt that the pain was still there but that she was unable or numb to feeling it.

’06 Sept 20 Wed I spoke to my brother Dave tonight and he was saying that he was going to the hospital next Tuesday to get the cancer tumor on his back removed, BUT that he also had to have more blood tests as his white blood cell count was not good and that he might have Leukemia… I never mentioned this before but his wife, Debbie, died of colon cancer two or three years ago. He has three sons that are grown and married and he’s been looking at getting some acreage outside of Regina for a change of pace. Some change of pace.

Insight on my Truck repairs
’06 Sept 21 Thursday, I dropped the trunk off at 8:00 a.m. and I went for a coffee. By the time I came back at 8:45 a.m. the truck was finished and it cost me $93.21 in total... just 1/2 hour shop time... Says a lot for Canadian Tire... aka… Crappy Tire

Well... that's not really what this post is about as I later realized that these links that were broken on my truck are also links that are broken on me. The links joined the upper stabilizer bar to the lower control arm of the suspension system that ultimately controls my connection to the road and my ability to move in the direction I want to. In relating that to me personally, I feel that I need to repair my "links" to my spiritual plane stabilizer bar and to what keeps me secure to the Earth plane. There are two links, left and right, Soul and Spirit, female and Male. I feel that these links are more for balance between these two aspects of my being so that when one is affected, the other is there to help return everything to centre and balance.

"It is as a river that man channels the energies of life through him and if he were to watch and listen, he would see that his outer reality is as much a reflection of his inner reality as he chooses to see and hear."

Besides survival chakra energy and its desire for Life, there is also our sacral chakra energy and our desire for love.

’06 Sept 22 Friday 4:00 a.m. I was thinking of my brother Dave tonight and how he’s spent his whole life sacrificing himself to make others happy and now that he finally get to do what he wants, his life is being threatened by cancer.

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