B-97 Denial - the common bond for society and religion

’06 Oct 02 7:36 a.m. All this niceness and kindness boils down to walking your talk. You may know the truth but unless you are able to apply that what you know to your experiences, you are living a lie and are operating in two different worlds or realities or from two different pages, and while you may think and believe that you are being sincere and real, you are actually acting out, or to be more accurate, re-acting to your reality instead of being, experiencing and living it.
“All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players”

No wonder we can’t communicate and get along in peace and harmony with others. We THINK that we’re saying and doing one thing when in reality we’re doing the opposite.. Hummmm. That also ties in with the my post on Good and Evil in that Love essence in denial becomes the doer of evil and takes on the characteristics of evil… believing, thinking and acting as evil does. It also falsely believes that love is evil and that evil is love, so that if someone was actually communicating from love, they would react as if the opposite was true and be repulsed by what they were receiving believing that it was evil. However, if the other person was evil or was one that was love, but also in denial, they would get along as if they were the best of friends, as denial would be the bond and what they had in common, or was similar.

Denial is what presently holds and bonds society and religion together, and since denial is opposed to expressing the truth and is unloving, how ignorant and dimwitted are we to smilingly expect there to be peace and harmony in the world, if we can just be nice and kind to each other? Dah!...

Denying the truth doesn’t change the truth, just your perception of it.

With experience comes understanding and knowing and in the applying of that which you know and understand comes wisdom and new experiences.

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