B98 - Unlocking the power of the Internet.

The media, TV, radio and newspapers gather mountains of information but they never pursue it. Today’s news is for today and then it’s forgotten and becomes old news, and who’s interested in hearing “old” news? We forget important events and issues as they’re not followed up, or maybe that’s the plan…. Although we get information from the media, it’s the individual’s ability via the internet to not only pull all these events and issues together, but to also save and instantly recall all data and reference links, and then to also be able to instantly share this information with anyone in the world that is connected to the internet… As we pull this information together and record all these events and issues, we begin to see the underlying pattern of what’s really going on that those in the news would like us to forget. Before the internet, there was no real means to gather the facts and to instantly share them with the world on a personal level as I am doing now.

For instance, take my Blog religion-denials-and-truth where the current focus is on the Pope. With the help of the internet, I can not only read, see and hear what the media is reporting, but I also have access to related topics or articles. Now I can take these seeming un-related events and in organizing them, see that they are not un-related, but are in fact part of a piece of the puzzle of a much larger picture that the media has some how forgotten or is denying pursuing on purpose.

In the matter of a couple of weeks, I have been able to gather a mountain of undeniable evidence portraying the Pope and the Church for what they really are. That without the Internet, all these events, issues and situations would have been swept under the carpet, but now the ugly reality is beginning to be exposed. Look at my Blog and tell me that the Catholic Church isn’t corrupt? Well you can if you’re in denial, but I’m not going to debate your denial beliefs. While the Pope is the one that is presently in the headlines, this corruption is in every religion as none “walk their talk” and will say one thing and do another.

I knew that the Catholic Church was evil and corrupt when I was seven years old; from mind numbing indoctrination, intimidation and guilt laden rhetoric, to the awareness of sexually abused choir and alter boys, pregnant nuns, and culminating with the excommunication of me and my family when I was thirteen years old. These personal experiences were only strengthened by what I heard, saw and read in the media in later years, but that somehow were never followed up or investigated. It was as if evil had the power to quash anything that would cause it to disclose the truth that they, so vehemently hid and denied. Why? For power and control... because if the truth were know, would people still follow and serve the Church?

Throughout the years, while no longer personally and directly subject to their abuse, I’ve continued to witness it and when I’ve expressed my truths I’ve been chastised and poo-poo’d by Catholics, as being wrong, angry or unable to forgive and forget. By starting my Blog and recording the present media coverage on the internet, I can now express and share my truth with not only one person, but with the world. And in expressing my truth, of what I already know, combined with what is in the media, I can help expose the denied evil and unlovingness for what it really is. Not that I can, or even want to bring them to so-called legal justice, but my intent is to simply make others aware of the truth, a truth that WOULDN”T GO AWAY, and then, it’s up to each person to make up their mind as to what is the truth for them. Do they still want to cling to their old imprints, programs and beliefs, or …. are they now beginning to see things in a different light are are getting fed up with all the BS that they've been eating up like candy?

Denying the truth doesn’t change the truth, just your perception of it.

With experience comes understanding and knowing, and in the applying of that which you know and understand comes wisdom and new experiences.

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