B101 - Dream: Programmed Sheep

’06 Oct 05 Thursday 3:27 a.m.
Dream: Programed Sheep
This guy was selling an electronic alarm system to a sheep herder. Whenever there was danger and trouble around and the sheep were spooked and afraid, this guy would come out and adjust the devise that would give off a signal of “all’s well or “all’s clear” to the sheep and then the sheep would go back to doing whatever it was they were doing before they were activated, even though the threat and danger was still there and hadn’t been removed, but now the sheep were oblivious to it.

I was arguing with both the sheep herder and the manufactures rep that this wasn’t working, but their reply was, “look at the sheep, are they still afraid?” I couldn’t argue that fact, but they wouldn’t admit that the threat and danger that the sheep originally felt and feared hadn’t been resolved, but just covered up and was still there.

What was also disturbing was that the manufactures rep was also planning a similar model and device to be sold to people to protect their property, valuables and even themselves from the threat of danger or attack….

I woke up!!! That dream reminded me of the USA governments HAARP Project that was developed to control the mind and emotions of the masses, much like what was being done with the sheep in my dream.

3:43 a.m. Getting back to the devise, even if the sheep saw a clear and present danger like a wolf, once the guy adjusted the devise that transmitted the mind control signal, that signal over-rode the sheep’s mind and intuition and from then on, it basically told the sheep that nothing was wrong and to not to be afraid of what it was seeing and feeling as there was no threat.. Even if a wolf came up and killed one of them and was eating it there in front of all of them, they’d just walk around as if nothing had happened. They were no more afraid of the wolf than they would be of a sparrow flying into their midst, or a chipmunk scurrying underfoot.

The same devise, when used on people, would enable robbers, rapists and murders, etc. to move freely around the community, doing their deeds, while the population was oblivious to what was really going on. If something was missing or someone was hurt or killed, they’d blink and wonder if they ever had such a thing in the first place, or they would wonder how and when the accident happened or why that person is no longer moving and is dead.

***** As I’m typing this post I’m realizing how similar this is to our denials. Something happens but we ignore it, we deny expressing our emotions and we then try to deny that it even exists just like the programmed sheep, and while the sheep were put into a mindless sleep, so too are we caught up in our own mindless sleep as we are unaware of the effects of our denials. For the sheep, when the wolf finally gets to kill it, the programmed sheep is in denial, and not aware of any any danger and so it goes to peacefully and ignorantly unaware of it’s plight. We too suffer the same end, but instead of a quick death like the sheep, we commit to a slow, struggling and painful suicide, as every time we continue to deny our feelings and emotions, we give them, and ourselves, (as they are a part of us) a little push closer to death, and like the sheep, we too are ignorantly in denial of our plight…

Or so it has been… BUT…. Things, they are a changing… *****

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