B108 - Part time job... Should be interesting!

I've been busy updating my blogs and links and trying to organize them in some fashion as I don't want (my Blog) to become too scattered.. anymore than it already is... It would be nice to have a Blog operate like a message board.. hummmmm. maybe that's what I should be doing instead of creating all these separate blogs...Naw.. I still need a central site with topic headings that are searchable... OK getting off topic here...

Yesterday I happened to stop in at a small retail store and noticed that they were looking for part-time help. I checked it out, and later went back with a resume and had an interview. Today I got a call that I have the job and I go in next Wednesday for training... It'll be interesting as I'll be dealing with the public... Hummm, I wonder what stuff that's going to bring up...

It snowed here yesterday and again a bit today but it didn't last. The temperature was down to 18C or 64F and Marian turned the heat up to 22C but that was it. It never came back on again and now it's back down to 18C and the temperature outside is dropping. The house is cool, cooler that I like but Marian likes the cold or rather doesn't feel it... she reminds me of Irene that way... While she doesn't feel the cold, she does feel the heat and she had the air conditioner running almost all the time, until last week. I'll have a chat with her and I might just get myself a small portable heater for the winter, so that I'm comfortable.


UPDATE: The next day with snow on the ground and the temperature at 16C, Marian said she was cold and asked for help with programing the thermostat... Now it's set at 22C in the daytime and down to 18C at 11:00 p.m. at night. It's also programmed to come on at 7:00a.m. so that it's warn when you get up. I can live with that.

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