B107 - Myths and Legends - Gods and Goddesses

7;45 a.m. I was thinking that there's more to Myth and Legends than what meets the eye... The Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, the Norse, African, in fast all continents have their native myths and legends that were in existence long before any of the modern religions came along like Judaism or Christianity. Hummm, there is one exception, India, and the Hindu religion as that still follows the old Myths and legends of Gods and Goddesses walking with man on Earth, some doing good and some doing evil.

Hathor..............HorusThese ancient Gods and Goddesses are no longer in the physical form as they once were Ahhh.. or are they? Maybe they've just lost some much essence... I stopped... Maybe the ones of love, have lost so much of their essence and power through denial that they no longer have the powers they once e had and the evil and unloving ones gained power. And they also got better at form changes and are still able to walk among us, un-noticed. Son of Man, Son of God. Sons and daughters of Man. Sons and daughters of the Gods.

I'll have to check the bible and the net, to see what I can find. I can feel it, but I don't know what the "it" is... yet. I don't know what is missing.


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