B95 - Phony Kindness and Niceness...not Love

I know that my guides had a raeason to get me to re-read and post my so-called not important experiences, because last night and this morning they began to make sense.

’06 October 01 5:37 a.m. I was thinking of Woodstock and how it was like Moncton and the Maritimes and I wondered what it was that I didn’t get, what am I missing? I then realized that all the other places that I've lived in, like Kelowna, Vernon, Calgary, Regina, Penetang, Barrie, they all were similar, but at the same time different, not just by geographic location and also in the history of the community and the ethnic and cultural mix of their “old country” customs, traditions and languages that separated them from the next community or city… Similar but different (As I was typing this for my Blog, I also thought of how people are similar but also different in much the same way.)

Religion is the biggest thing that is similar with each community and in Canada, that similarity is the hundreds of Christian denominations AND….this is what’s important as it’s what links these cities and communalities together. What’s similar with all these hundreds of Christian religious beliefs is their fa├žade of niceness and kindness, and a desire for peace and harmony. They all put on this phony presentation face wanting you to believe that all is well and that this is the best religion and the best place to live as everyone is so nice and kind and they all help and care for each other.

I’m sure that if I went to Europe, Israel, Iraq, Tibet, china, Africa and Australia, that I’d find the same situation with other religions and that the only thing that would be different besides some specific religious beliefs, would be the location, language, social system of customs and traditions, BUT the thing that would be similar would be the same phony presentation face of being nice and kind based on their religious belief or lack of one.

5:54 a.m. This also ties in to what I was writing about before on polarities and “similarities and differences” that while the experience will be different, the emotions will be similar, as a person that is feeling abandoned in Moncton will feel the same as a person feeling abandoned in Spain or Tibet or Africa.

So what I was really….. hummmm I’m smiling as I just got it.. I just realized that it really isn’t about the polarity of "different and similar" but that I was on two different pages and was trying to combine them on one page so that they would be the same. Customs, traditions and religion are on one page and emotions and feelings are on another. Experiences based on different social customs traditions and religious belief still trigger the same or similar emotions. It’s like separating the wheat from the chaff. My experience with Marian the other day opened my eyes to be able to see this now. Trying to be nice and kind is not love, but love is nice and kind.

I like it when things start to come together and you’re able to see things is a different light, and to see things more clearly and from a new perspective. Another piece of the puzzle and now on to the next, but with a little bit clearer view of what I’m looking at. Now I feel that I’ll be working on how niceness and kindness have been and still are presented as love, when they are not. Similar by different.

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