B94 - Not on same page... AGAIN... but OK

’06 Sept 30 Saturday 7:30 a.m. .... I wrote five pages in my journal on healing and the different levels and how complicated it is when we are finding our way and then how simple it is once true healing is our intent. It’s too long to post here, but I’ll try to get out some how.

Marian and I were in the Kitchen and she was making pancakes for breakfast and she started the topic of the bank card again. This time I said, “I agree with you, you’re right.” She didn’t hear me and kept on talking. I said it five times before she stopped and looked at me, totally confused? “You‘re agreeing with me,” she said? “Yes, what you are saying is true, and what I was taking about was also true. All I said was that if anyone found my card that they could open an account in my name… the end. My concern was that they could open an account… all the rest is what you were talking about… and that’s why we were not able to understand each other.” She said, “You’re right… but.” I stopped her and said, “No buts, you’re right and I’m right, we were just talking about two different things.” She reflected for a moment and I knew she got it this time… end of discussion… but in a different way and light.

3:30 p.m. Well Gary finally came and moved his stuff out and I cleaned up the room and brought my stuff in and unpacked… I’ll be sleeping in a real bed for the first time in over a month….. Nice  And guess what… I’m basically caught up on my Blog…Now the trick will be to keep it current…

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