B115 - Re: Work and Male/female and Female/male issues...

I've been busy with work and doing my other blog posts and e-mails, so now it's time to get caught up on my blog. I'm just beginning to get into the swing of things at my part time job and I'm getting comfortable working with people and cash. It's interesting to feel the diffeent energies and dynamics of what is going on around me and with my interactions with them. I feel people taken off guard or surprised at my directness. If I feel them pushing at me, I ask them to wait, or to stop... and tell them why. If they are confused, I express acceptance for their confusion and try to help them if so directed. If I'm confused, I also have acceptance for that and I express it and either ask for help or get myself un-confused without going into a panic attack.

The other day I was in the lunch room and I read an article in a movie type magazine about a young girl that was saying that she was a man trapped in a womans body and that she wants to be a man. As I read her story I felt how she, as a Spirit, has issues with being a woman and that she came into this incarnation to specifically heal this issue, but instead of healing, she is trying to change herself, her body, into a faux man and is denying both her feminity and healing opportunity.

I felt that the same was true for the opposite situation, where a man, in a male body wants to be woman. They have issues with male energy and in changing their male body into a faux female body, they are also denying their male issues and healing opportuinity.


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