B116 - Talked with Irene on her Birthday Day....

I called Irene last night as it was her birthday. I had called he a few times since I left in September but there was never an answer. Last night, Dave her husband answered and she took the call. After I wished her a happy birthday her first comment was, "Boy do you have issues, you sure took off without even saying good bye." I told her that I felt any contact would have only driven her deeper into denial. She disagreed and began re-counting the night she was activated. I asked her what healing and insights did she get from that night and if she thought that I was still evil?

Again, she started back into the night that I had activated her and how I was evil and on and on... I said, see... nothing has changed.. you still have the same beliefs that you had when I left... You haven't healed anything or learned anything from that experience. I said that I could see her point of view, but could she see mine.. and if she couldn't.. was she open to hear what I had to say about that night... She stopped, and then asked what my point of view was.

I told her of the insights that I got and I tied it in with her story and how she saw it... While she admited that some of what I said made sense, she still felt that she was right and that what I was saying was only meant to trick her again.... At the end, she said, "we always get caught up when we get close" and then when I asked her if she realized that comment also referred to her, she started coughing so much that we couldn't continue our conversation...


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