B117 - People with yellow hands... and ... Duality and Polarity

Well this is my last post of this month and also a short one.

My part time job is interesting as I get to meet all kinds of people with all kinds of energy and issues. Yesterday, for about half an hour, I was noticing that some peoples hands (their palms especially) were a faint but distinct yellow in colour. I thought it was the light but my my hands were a pinky-red as were some others. I noticed it on men, women, young, old and even some children. I didn't pick up any particular energy from them.. I just saw the yellow colour.. I don't know what it means...yet. If anyone has any ideas.. leave a comment.


Well maybe not so short... I decided to post this piece on Duality...

Duality is the other part of us that we have been fighting with since the dawn of creation. Dual means two of; two legs, two arms, two eyes, left and right.. But we are not fighting with these physical parts of us.. like our right arm wants to take over the left arm. What we're fighting against is our polarity double... It's an energy form of us that is of the opposite polarity that wants to take over our physical body. I'm sure you have heard of the "inner critic"... well now you know a bit more. Of course... if your inner critic is already in control... then you will feel that you don't have an inner critic...

Hot-cold, up-down, are opposite polarities. If hot wanted to take over colds place or space, it would destroy both hot and cold. If (-) energy tries to take the space of (+) energy it would also destroy both, like hooking up the (-) lead of a car battery to the (+) terminal... it creates a short circuit, sparks fly and the battery is destroyed.

Like the Yin Yang symbol, our opposite unloving (-) polarity has a right to exist in a way that it desires, but not by over-riding and trying to take the place of the (+) love polarity, and what the (+) love polarity desires.

What is coming to creation now is right place where everyone can do what they desire without over-riding, manipulating or controlling another against their Will. It is now right time for right space and place to come into manifestation and to end the struggle that has been going on between so-called good and evil since the beginning of creation. Right now.. the Yin Yang symbol is not black and white as shown, but is a washed out gray on both sides... Right place will restore the balance in creation.

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