B118 - Things happening at Work

I’ve been working five to six days a week and I’ve neglected posting to my Blog, although I’ve been busy with my other Blogs. Work is getting interesting as all the little things are beginning to surface. I’ve also had my share of issues in dealing with customers and in my expressing myself, my way. While I have ruffled a few customer feathers, I have also seen that my actions were not only observed, but approved, not only by customers but also by my peers who witnessed my dealings with these people.

For instance, I was dealing with an elderly woman and she was just beginning to pay me when another woman started unloading her shopping card to the counter and she was shoving the elderly lady aside. I stopped and raised my hand and told her to get her stuff off the counter and to back off until this lady had finished her business. She pretended she didn’t hear me and so I repeated myself but this time more forcefully. She seemed shocked but quickly removed her items. Other people in line behind the woman just smiled. The older lady smiled and moved back to her original position and paid me. After she left, the pushy woman put her stuff on the counter and never said a word as she paid for her order and left.

Also the manager, a young woman, activated me into issues with my mother and authority. One time it was her words that confused me and another time it was her actions and instead of asking questions and challenging her, I was activated into my confusion, and fear and into panic and I tried to mind read what she said, wanted or needed. After all she was the boss (my mother, the authority figure) she gave me the job (my mother housed and fed me) and I have to make her happy because if she’s not happy with me, I will suffer the consequences. Just like what I used to do with my mother, but for different reasons.

Later I talked to her about it and thanked her for activating me. She apologized for her actions as she understood that she didn’t explain what she was doing or wanting. I said no apology required, just that the next time, I will not be reacting the way I did as I am now aware of why I went into my panic and fear, due to my confusion and unresolved issues with my mother. She said she understood, but I felt she was confused with my reference to her and my mother.

I also have the assistant manager, another young woman who is trying to set me up with her mother-in-law, who also works at the store. While the mother-in-law is sociable, I am not attracted to her and I also feel hat she is set very set in her ways. In general, I’m having have fun with the customers and fellow employees as I let me be me and let them be them. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I’m the only man in the store and the first in more than three years.


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