B119 - Things happening at the house.

Marian (ex-wife) is always complaining about money, but the more she gets, the more she spends. Recently I had told her that my glasses were six years old and that I had stopped in at a optical place that was having a sale, to see about getting my eyes tested and maybe a new pair as these were scratched, but that even with the sale, they were still too pricy for me. She told me that her glasses were almost two years ago, and then a couple of days later she went out and got herself new glasses and frames for over $550.00. A couple of days later, she went out and ordered prescription sunglasses for another $375.00.

I picked up an Eddy Bauer jacket like new, at the Salvation Army for $7.00. She had to have a new winter coat and went out and spent $175. She gets her hair done twice a month as well as her nails and facial. She now found out that she doesn’t have to pay municipal taxes for November and December and now she’s planning a trip to Scotland, where our son and his wife are moving to and where she originally game from. The list goes on and on.

What she is doing is selfish, not self-love, as I feel that she has to have what others have in order to be happy and if she doesn’t get it or have it, she gets depressed. It’s the same old Marian that I married and could never please, no matter how much money I gave her, it was never enough and it’s still the same. She believes that money brings happiness and love.

I’ve also noticed that whatever I do, she wants to do, even if she can’t physically do it. When I got the part time job, she wanted to get a part time job and asked me to see if they were still hiring. I buy my own groceries and at first she says that what she has is better, but when I don’t switch and she tastes my food, she switches to my food. She didn't like banannas when I moved in and now she does. She didn’t like 12 grain bread, now she does. She disn't like perogies, now she likes them too. Whatever I eat, she now also eats, including my food when she doesn’t have any and that is beginning to tick me off as I got to fix myself something to eat and it’s gone.

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