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A few days ago on '06 Nov 07 I received the following in a series of questions that I got from All-Experts. I've posted them along with my replies on my Blog as the questions were marked “public” so it will also be posted to the net via All Experts. The reason I’m posting it is because this is the first e-mail that I’ve received that was from the “other” side, the other polarity, and in a physical body who was actually communicating similar but different issues and views.

It was no coincidence that I also answered a forum question regarding a woman’s dream and the word “Nuah” which is the Mesopotamian god of intelligence. I add this here as the two are related…

I took the liberty to add some pictures and links....

**************** This is the series of e-mails ********************************

’06 Nov 04 – Question 1------ How do I meet my higher self - been on the astral most of my life. Come see me some time , Mr Hoover http://www.answers.com/topic/j-edgar-hoover says you are an honest man. Long story made really brief after 2000 years of being a first rate professional warrior I am hoping I can not take away life anymore.

Answer -----
Hi Chris,

Make it your INTENT to meet your higher self when you are astral traveling... Who is Mr Hoover? Herbert, Edgar.. or vacuum cleaner guy. Time to lay down the sword and to stop the battle.. the inner battle with yourself...


Question 2 ------ Edgar - head of my security staff. Can my higher self help me on earth - my astral form is far superior to my earth one , sharper , better fighter and more knowledge. I have made it my intent to meet my higher self - It doesnt seem to want to meet me , a few troops volnteered to find it and drag it to me - thats not working out. the battle within has created a sort of low electrical current and a constant desire for more knowledge and training that i am not good enough. what will happen to me if i stop fighting will i lose motivation to continue improving

Hi Chris,

It's interesting to hear you discuss your "problems" as you are the first one from the "other" side that has e-mailed me asking for help... Your issues are not that different from mine.. except that they are reversed.. Even your description of a "low electrical current" is similar to my condition and experience.. but for entirely opposite reasons...

There is nothing that I can do to help you as whatever I would say would be the opposite for you... You are battling for control.. while I am battling to release control.. You desire knowledge and training to improve your position.. I'm desire love, life and truth...I don't know if you are ready to reverse your polarity yet or not.. but that is the only thing that will save you and re-charge the physical and astral energy field you mention... You will, for a short time, be able to maintain your energy in the astral plane by your attachments and control of others both in the astral plane and in the physical.

I also find it interesting that I don't hate or fear you... and I also can't say I feel sorry for you either.. as you are what you are... and it's your choice... I can also see that you will now be experiencing what I have been experiencing in this creation... and that is a loss of power...

I don't know if you want to continue this dialogue.. but I am open to hear your views and opinions and feelings if you care to share them....

Question 3----- To whom or what are you giving up control - How are you certain that whatever it is really wants what is best for you?. I am lead on a house full of people - cant afford to give up fully , I also have a long list of enemies that would love nothing more then by head on a platter. How do I ensure whatever I an reversing to is actually better hen what I have got now.

Hi Chris,

I am not giving up control to anyone or anything outside of myself... I am giving up my control of me by ending my denials of ALL aspects of myself... and in that... I am taking my power back... In ending my denials, I also end my need to control others and also of enabling others to control me...

For me, it has been up until now... both an energy and physical battle.. Trying to live, one step ahead of who or what I thought was out to put my head on a platter... or at least.. to control and dominate my so-called life....

If what you have doesn't make you happy, and what you desire is the opposite of what you have, then you need to move in the opposite direction... If more power and control only brings more work, stress, enemies and people wanting to take your head.. then you need to take a real hard look to see if there ever can be any peace and happiness with that way of life... Even those at the of the food chain are not happy or peaceful as they need to continually enforce their power over the masses they control

What do you mean by, "I am lead on a house full of people" ... Are these people directly under your control... and are you talking astral.. physical or both? And why are you leading them?


Question 4 ----- by acknowledging all aspects of yourself and taking responsibilty you set yourself free ? I work six days a week eight hours d day and I still cant pass the tests I want in information technology - granted they are all Master and Expert titles and I am just starting out. I acknowledge that I am not what i used to be and I am moving as quickly as my earthly limations allow to find employment and improve things here.

As far as the astral goes , I had an ex-wife/supposed guardian angel who wasnt. Seperated me from my family tried to kill me , told me so many lies I dont know the truth about that section of this life. Started with building a house for myself and eleven others - twelve of us had been soldiers for many years in the same armies. Let the house become more then a house - now has well over three trillion googleplex people living in it all the services and entertainment needed to cater to such a population.

I try not to use any sort of force as a leader - I consider myself a central point for all departments to coordinate between and a troubleshooter for all manner of problems interapersonal and medical included.Usually I just speak and people are willing to help , seems i am some sort of Oracle to them which was never my desire or intent , I like helping people - as an empath I dont get much choice. During time of war people are trying to kill you thats how the war business goes when you have done it for two thousand years you tend to forget whos family you had to kill.

Hi Chris,

In reply to your question.. "by acknowledging all aspects of yourself and taking responsibility you set yourself free?" the answer is yes.

I have a couple of questions for you. I'm a little confused as you say you and eleven others have been fighting in the same armies.. Is that as mercenaries or for the US government.. or.. for the "New World Order" that is running the US and other world governments..

I'm also confused with the Googleplex...and the thirteen trillion people... I take it you are referring to some form of the google/Internet/content... And are you also working for, or with Google in the field of advanced information technology? Hummm.. If that's the case... then you know all about me and what I have been posting.. who has been visiting my sites and yadda, yadda, yadda. So then why are we in this conversation? Things that make one go Hummmm? So what am I missing?

I'm also curious about why you say you have only been fighting for the past 2000 years, as that puts your first incarnation at around the time of Christ..and if that has any significance to the wars you have been in?


Question 5 ------ Question: Google is a unit of measure equivlent to one with one hundred zeros after it - googleplex is the plural Its rather weird that all twelve of us have always been together - weve fought in just about every major conflict - Battle of Hastings in 1058 WW1 WW2 War of the roses are a few of the standouts. Eoman fronts in the persian wars was also a knuckledragger - just a small sampling. Almost always as some sort of elite grouping

These are the wars I can recall like it was yesterday. This form I am not a soldier - my first as something else. I dont know what i am supposed to do with this form - for some reason I feel called to IT security.I have too long a lineage to totally give up on my astral responsibilities yet I dont know how to balance both earth and astral I try so hard not to hurt people anymore - yet I seem to have a knack for causing emoional injuries.Assuming the statements " Reincarnation is a way for you to learn those lessons you missed in another life " and "when you learn all the lessons you ascend someplace " are true , when I go through my timeline and reexperience all of it instead of the samples i mentioned using all of my senses to achieve total awareness , I should walk away with all the questions awnsered. I just dont know how to get a long regression like that or how to ensure I dont change the past by accident

Hi Chris,

When you say "astral responsibilities" do you also mean your job as a remote view and using that information to influence or control physical experiences?

Last night I got the reason why you are drawn to "information technology" instead of physical fighting, you are now fighting with the pen (INFORMATION)... "The pen is mightier than the sword" .... That phrase has a double meaning.. for you it's... Kill a man with a sword and you had rid yourself of an enemy. Change the way he thinks, and you control not only his mind, but his body to do your bidding... Which has more power?

For me it's the opposite... Share your truth openly and you give others and opportunity to not only change their minds and beliefs but to also free themselves of their old beliefs that have controlled them and kept them in bondage.

You said that you don't want to hurt people but that you have a "knack" of causing emotional injury... Emotions and feelings are what you hate and so... true to your nature, you have a natural way of getting into another persons denied emotions and feelings and activating them into their pain. You are unaware of these emotions in yourself as you don't have them and can't feel them, and yet they are what you are really fighting against... to control others who are not like you.. That also ties in with the reincarnation cycle and re-experiencing the same old stuff... SSDD same shit...different day...

I keep getting that you are the (11) others have something to do with Jesus
and the (12) apostles... Care to comment on that?

>>>>> NO FURTHER REPLY <<<<<<<<

I still haven’t figured out who his is ands why he contacted me and if anyone has any ideas or feelings, drop me a line.

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