B111 - Tying up loose ends...

I feel that I've been tying up some loose ends before I get into my books. For the past few weeks I've been doing a lot of posting to my various blogs. I've been showing the relationships between religion, politics and society and how it's all just going around in circles... As I continued posting to my blogs I could see and feel the denials present and how they were being played out as time went on. Part of my reason for posting them was to allow others to follow and see how the denials and power plays were being acted out. I can keep on writing about the current events until the cows come home...(if I had any cows) and nothing would change. The only thing that would change is the form, with different players and the different experiences, experiencing a repeat of history. I did a recent post on Saysame - Politics, denial and truth called History repeating itself

What I began seeing and realizing even more clearly was that here is no solution to the present situations and the reality is that there can never be. Any external change is just a from change and nothing else. History is repeating itself and the scary part is that his time, with nuclear technology, there is the distinct possibility that there will be no history or humanity around to do this again.... Humm, I stopped... I was just thinking of Pan, Lumeria and Atlantis and that is another one of those end of times.. This world and humanity, or rather, this world of imprints, programs and beliefs, the rules, regulation and laws, codes of ethics, mortality and on and on, are flawed and no amount of effort is going to change them... They need to be let go....

Think of all the imprints, programs and beliefs associated in the following areas I've listed below and then expand then to other cultures around the world. Now can you see that we can't change this as everyone involved has free Will and choice and no one is willing to give what they have... unless it's for the better...

Politics and government
Health and medical
Financial institutions
Natural resources
Food and agriculture
Legal, laws and the police
Pharmaceuticals and drugs
Oil and energy
Communications and media
Business and industry
Religions, ethics, morality

I just had a vision of this Ark filled with all the various types of humanity, some raging and other trying to be nice and kind. The Ark was on fire and was slowly and silently drifting out on a dark sea into the darkness of a moonless and overcast night. The people on board were oblivious to the fire and their perilous situation, and there was no way the Ark was coming back as all aboard felt bound and determined to stick it out, that they were right and that they could fix things if they could just have their way, or had one more chance, or could get others to listen to them, that there would be peace and harmony for all. Others felt they could get the same results if they could just have more power and control and that with just the right use of force and diplomacy, peace and harmony would also be obtained...

They weren't coming back and I didn't want them back as I also felt that they were taking with them, all the Old World imprints, programs and beliefs. I breathed a sigh of relief and then I also had fear as I didn't know what to expect when I turned around...

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