B110 - What does Al Bundy and George Bush have in common?

2006 Oct 16 3:37 a.m. Dream.

I woke up seeing his face but I couldn't remember his name. It knew it was Al Bundy character from the TV Series "Married with Children". He had written a short poem on his blog and he was now being recognized by the UN as the "Man of the Year'.... But the next week he was again voted "man of the year". I was confused and curious so I checked out his blog and found that he was basically re-writing the same poem and just re-phrasing it and winning the UN award again and again. The poems were simple words and one line phrases like the following.

Roses are red, violets are blue
Roses and violets, red and blue
Roses are blue, violets are red
Violets are blue, roses are red

I found it curious that the UN would use the term "man of the year" as it implies a one (year) one (man) award.. and not the weekly awards that they were giving him. I was also wondering why the UN was giving him all these weekly "man of the Year" awards: was it just because he submitted something... anything... and they'd raise their hands in glee and pat him on the back and honour him with prestigious phony awards. This man was saying nothing, yet the UN respomded as if it were a miracle.

What I was also seeing in the dream was that the figure of Al Bundy was inter-changing with George Bush. I woke thinking that this Bundy dream is a lot like Bush and that anything Bush writes or says is BIG news, and given accolades by the both the press and the UN as..... "WOW! this guy is great"

Saysame JR

PS: After I changed Bushs picture, and re-posted it I had a good laugh as I saw that both have the same facial expression... Things in common and things that make you go hummmm?

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