B126 - Hot Stone Therapy

’06 Nov 30 9:30 pm Hot Stone Therapy
Today I went for hot stone therapy/massage. I arrived at 2 pm and we talked for a good 3/4 hour before the treatment. She played her guitar and sang a couple of songs and I commented on how she reminded me of Janis Joplin but didn’t know if she was a fragment or that she had a connection to her. She told me to look on the wall in the hallway and there was a picture of Janis. When I felt her connection to Janis I felt it as a woman in pain and unable to deal with her REAL emotions but instead talks and sings about her false emotions and puts them to music. She expresses her denials and the false emotions of heartbreak and loss but doesn’t go deep to find and heal the real ones.

From our conversation, I found that she’s basically a Melchizedek Ascensionists, talking about how beautiful spiritual life is and how she can’t wait to ascend, yet at the same time talking about fighting and changing the system to make the world a better place.

The stone therapy was a pleasant “new” experience with having hot oily stones move across your back and massaged into your muscles. At one point my body was just beginning to respond as it began to twitch and I could feel movement but she stopped and had me change position and that stopped that. A few other times I felt emotions of heartbreak surface but they disappeared as quickly as they surfaced and were gone in a flash. Other times I had flash backs to being physically abused by my mother or by bullies.

We talked for about ten minutes after the treatment and she was activated into issues with her son. She blamed children’s aid for taking her son away from her when she was a drug addict. Now she’s on a crusade to fight children’s aid and to help other mothers who have drug issues and in having them keep their children. With all this going on she was also saying that this experience of her losing her son was the best thing that could have happened for her and her son. I began to point out that her stories were conflicting because if it was a good experience for her it also has to be a good experience for other women that she is trying to save. I agreed with her that taking her son away from her was the best thing as she was in no shape to take care of herself, let alone a newborn child. I also mentioned that as a drug addict, she had issues she didn’t want to face and that she hasn’t dealt with her real issues as to why she turned to drugs.

She began to get defensive when I challenged her reasoning and beliefs and didn’t want to hear my point of view. She then basically showed me the door. I knew she was activated but didn’t want to go there even though she pretends that everything is fine and in divine order. Although she doesn’t do drugs, she still smokes cigarettes. She had one before our session and I saw two in her had as I was leaving.

I called Irene this morning and she sounded rough when she answered the phone. I asked her how she was and she said that she had bronchial pneumonia. I told her that she was in no shape to chat, and that I’ll call her later. I also said I love you sis before I hung up, she also said I love you bro. I called Jen, but there was no answer so I left a brief message regarding Irene’s condition.

’06 Dec 01 Today I stopped in at the local Dollar store and talked to Kim and Doug. I chatted with Kim a bit and then went shopping. I popped in on my way back as Kim was waving for me to come in. We didn’t chat long but I tell her (in a jokey manner) that we couldn’t go on meeting like this and I gave her my phone number.


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