B124 - Things that make you go Hummmm?

’06 Nov 14, I spoke to Jen today and she said that she and Cory were moving, that after 12 years of being in the same apartment, she was moving to a house. She talked about a book she had read and how she and Cory had made it their intent to get a house and how three days later, a house was made available to them. Although she was excited, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her as she is getting all the things she wanted (lost hopes dreams and desires) but it’s still in the old world of denial. She still feels that people, places and things will make her happy, to have what “other” people have and enjoy is a dream of hers. I also know there is an evil entity, Sasha, that fulfills ones Souls and Hearts desires and then takes both and I feel that is what is happening to Jen and Cory.

I called Irene and Dave her husband answered saying that she wasn’t feeling good because of the weather. I knew it wasn’t the weather, but I also knew that it was of no use to talk to Dave as he is set in his beliefs. Links to past posts...

Lisa, from Spiritual awareness board hadn’t posted for a month and now she is back and I feel that she has crossed over the line and that now more than 51% of her present essence is in denial. She is contradicting stuff she wrote earlier of her experiences and is now acting as if they never happened. She has also found a man that is love (Chemical reaction in the body) at first sight.. turns out she find out that he is also married.. and no what?

Jannokes, the young gay guy is also back on Lisa's board and he and Lisa have this phony lovey dovey-ness between them. He has also slipped back into denial and he did mention me as Mr. John and referred to my last post to him and how shocked he was but didn’t say anything else other than while he was gay, he still needed a woman’s energy and that is what Lisa was providing for him. I never responded as I felt the he too had decided that denial was his choice.


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