B129 - Flying Dentures

Hi everyone,

Well today was interesting to say the least. I was called in to work early, so when I got there were 5 or 6 gals in the lunch room talking gal stuff and about the pot luck that we were having today. The mood was light, lively and jokey, so I decided to tell a short joke. While it appeared to be leading to something sexual, the punch line took you in a completely different and clean direction. But as I was delivering the punch line which was "I need a bike" my upper dentures literally flew out of my mouth as if I had sneezed. I caught them in mid-air, turned my back to the gals and had them back in my mouth and was turned back to face the gals before they even blinked.

I was shocked but at the same time I wasn't I was more surprised if that makes sense. The gals were shocked and then burst into laughter that lasted for minutes. They were holding their sides wile other had tears in their eyes. I was laughing also and still am.

Afterwards I was trying to figure out what really happened as the words,"I need a bike" don't put any pressure on your dentures in a manner that would cause them to be expelled as they were. . I could see them coming loose and dropping, but still in my mouth. not flying 10 to 15 feet across the room which is where they would have been had I not caught them.

This is also the first time in my life that this has happened to me. All my life I've been self conscious and careful not to have this happen in public as I felt I would die of shame and embarrassment, but now that it has, while it surprised me, I wasn't overcome with shame. Even afterwards, when that gals would talk to me and smile and giggle, I'd smile and laugh with them as it was funny.

A few minutes after the incident and during all the laughing, I said that now that you know that I wear dentures, you might as well know the colour of my under wear and I turned and pretended to undo my belt. That even brought more laughter.

Another "secret" and fear reveled and my world didn't come tumbling down..


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